Wayne Stewart is a familiar face at Vancouver’s highest profile cultural events as a musician, actor, and emcee. His music is rooted in jazz and rhythm and blues.
Born in London, England and raised in Vancouverand New York, he started playing guitar as a teenager inspired by rock, funk, and jazz. He took up piano at college and began playing in salsa, reggae and world music bands.
Wayne is a singer, composer, keyboardist, guitarist, and teacher and performs regularly around Vancouver, both solo and with a variety of groups including his band Curio and The Sanctuary All-Stars Big Band. Wayne also composes music for and accompanies silent films live. He scored and produced the 150th retrospective of the films of Georges Méliès, at the Vancouver FIlm Centre and scored several collections of films from the City of Vancouver Archives. He appears in Tim Burton’s film “Big Eyes” and plays piano on the soundtrack including a piece he cowrote for the film.
Wayne is also an actor who has appeared in commercials, television, films  and theatre shows. And as an emcee Wayne has hosted just about every major arts festival and cultural event in Vancouver.